Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ike n One Gas Burner....

Finally I have something in common with Tina Turner... no; not multi millionaire status, internationally recognized singing talent or legs up to my armpits... but I DO know what its like to have Ike breathing down your neck and threatening to knock your lights out...

Firstly, before you go and drop a few hundred panic buying extra packets, cans and nonsense, have a look as see what you already have and consider the nutritional needs of your family.

Chances are you'll have meat in the freezer (I always have ground sirloin), frozen vegetables, cans of beans & of course that Bogo pasta (I have a glut or Barilla wholegrain). Secondly, the day before the storm hits, get the pasta cooked, rinsed, dress with a little olive oil or other (safe) dressing (nothing mayonnaise based), Get your freezer stuff used; cook the ground beef, add a jar of marinara sauce, add the beans (Bush's maple are Dr. Dave's favorite), sweetcorn or whatever you have that'll rot with no power. This is a one pot dish that really packs a nutritional punch and so much better than munching cheerios from the box! Assemble a man sized dish of the stuff - put in the fridge and when the lights go out you'll have something you can easily warm on that one sad little camping stove you always knew would come in handy.

Naturally if you have a generator, let me know what time to stop by with my bottles of warm Korbel and my shower hat.

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