Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Evening mealtimes can be a rush. My one year old is at a stage where anything vaguely adult is attractive and toys are a bore - think remote controls, phones, cellphones, handbags, ovens, all drawers and you get the picture. Quick, deft cooking is the key - so filet mignon (remember on sale at Josephs Classic Market); crisp new season green beans and... and... and there's the stumbling block. What 'side' of interest can one produce in the time it takes to char grill a filet?

I confess to a little Bogo stash of dried, readymade sides. I know they don't have the best of reputations in culinary circles and I'm sure Gordon Ramsay would sooner starve than feed his kids one but what the heck, the price was right. Imagine my shock, distress and horror when Dr. Dave declared them quite the tastiest noodles he'd had in a long time. Oh the wasted years.....

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