Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Codfellas, Essex, England

If there's one dish that's synonymous with England, it has to be fish & chips. Tourism TV shows paint a romantic picture of cobbled streets, seaside towns, and eating straight out of the paper. Codfellas isn't exactly in that mold but what it lacks in quaint village ambiance it delivers in its authentic product. When fish & chips are done right they are a revelation. Light crispy batter, fresh cod or plaice and perfect thick cut chips with salt and enough malt vinegar to refresh your sinuses.
After a long day travelling we were all exhausted and far too weary for complicated food choices so the chippy it was. I always have roe & chips. I'm the only remaining family member who appreciates this delicate pink wedge of fish eggs, battered & fried. Its heavenly. Dad went with plaice (why don't they skin it? Whats the point of battering something you wouldn't want to eat?!) and I'm dismayed to tell you that Dr. Dave had a hamburger. On a previous chippy visit he had asked for 'white meat chicken' and the astounded owner said, 'its all white meat - its CHICKEN'!!! Since then he's known better than to question their wisdom and played it safe.
There's no getting away from the fact that this is a total greasefest. Embrace its heaviness, its battered fattiness and carb-laden starchiness and don't tell your cardiologist.

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