Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toojays, Palm Beach Gardens

With just 24 hours to go until we leave for our London trip and my wishlist of English specialties growing I got to thinking of what I might miss from here after 3 weeks of pies, puddings & funky flavored crisps. Simple answer - Deli! One thing you can't get in my home town is decent deli food. You can get a bagel (plain only) with Scottish smoked salmon and you can get a salt beef sandwich of impressive quality but that's about it so off to Toojays we went.

I haven't been to Toojays in several months since a rather distressing incident involving a spinach omelette and a black curly hair so you'll understand it was quite a leap of faith to return. I'm a bit of a creature of habit here - or at least I was - spinach omelette at breakfast, cup of chicken noodle soup $2.95 & stuffed cabbage starter $4.95 at dinner. I made a point of sticking to my tradition! The soup is great, flavorsome and restorative in equal measure. The stuffed cabbage is meaty, the sauce a little oversweet for me but authentic. One is plenty even though the single is billed as an appetizer. Dr. Dave was craving something simple so he went for a grilled Swiss cheese on rye. When it arrived he took one look and said, 'you know that they slice the bread that thick for a reason don't you?' Err, no, actually I don't! I asked what he meant and he replied, 'Thick bread means thin cheese!' He happened to be right, the cheese was on the stingy side but for $5.95 what can you expect? - a cave aged Gruyere & Poilane bread? You want to know what $5.95 will get you in London? A single coke and NO refills!!!

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Jules said...

Good for you for trying Toojays again - I made the mistake of taking my then 1 year old there last year and was almost escorted out the door. And she wasn't even being her usual wild self. Never again.