Saturday, July 26, 2008

Indian Takeout, UK Style

This meal has been a long time coming. One needs to prepare oneself carefully for the gut busting, heartburning, tongue searing experience of the Great British Indian Takeaway. We've been on these shores for almost three weeks and its taken us this long to get our stomachs set in preparation for the spicy onslaught. This is no faint fragrant affair; no delicately seasoned cuts in light glazes or jus. Its a full on Ruby Murray (check your cockney rhyming slang dictionaries) and once in a while, you've got to get a hit.

When I was dating Dr. Dave I opened his eyes (and sinuses) to the joys of Indian Cuisine. He's a cautious eater by nature but even he will tell you to try the 'red and the yellow'. He can't recall names or spices but colors he's good with. The red is a tandoori chicken appetizer, beautiful spiced cubes of chicken cooked in a roasting hot tandoor oven to get it charred on the outside and juicy within. The yellow is 'korma' a creamy mix of almonds, turmeric & yogurt. We were eating with my brother and his wife and my Dad so we had a good excuse to order BIG. A lamb bhuna, a chicken dopiaza, chicken tikka masala (Britain's national dish!) and my personal favorite a saag aloo (slow cooked spinach & potato) and cauliflower bhaji. All this is mopped up with a fluffy naan bread; one plain one 'keema' (stuffed with meat). Stuffed is what you'll be after noshing down this lot. This is why we keep this treat to a once yearly affair. Between the heat, the spice and the intensity of flavor its not something you want every week although there will be some that disagree.
This vast and colorful array of food comes at a cost (not only to the waistline), $90 to be exact. Even Pops, who's always quick with the wallet had to ask twice "How much? 45 quid? Where's it coming from, Bombay?". Yep, and that's another reason to keep this to an annual event but that's credit crunch Britain for ya....

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Jules said...

So this is what it means to "go for a curry!"