Friday, August 15, 2008

Breakfast of Champions, Cracker Barrel

Ask a child where they'd like to go for breakfast and the chances are they'll opt for somewhere serving pancakes, selling tat and a bit grubby into the bargain. Welcome to the Cracker Barrel on 45th Street, West Palm Beach.

Mimi went with with 'kids' pancakes. What kid can eat that much? Thankfully not mine. She had a side of sausage and ate half that and about half a pancake. Dr. Dave had 'Grandma's pancake breakfast' - clearly Grandma can put it away; he was also defeated. I had the 'low carb' offering. Not because of any dietary preference you understand, I just knew they wouldn't eat their pancakes and I'd have at least a single adult portion left for myself. Great quality pancakes, you can't knock them for that. The eggs are fine, the turkey sausage really nicely cooked. The tomato slice & orange garnish? Puleez...

Friendly service, fun and unpretentious environment, and $20 all in including some pretty decent coffee. If you can get back to the car with out dropping the same again in the 'country store' you'll be laughing.

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