Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a Fay Day for a Kitchen Colonic

So what's a girl to do when Tropical Storm Fay renders her housebound? We were warned, there was 'tornadic activity', we should 'hunker down' and my personal favorite, to beware of 'ponding on the roadside'. 'Ponding'?! What? like a puddle? Puleez, I'm from London, gale force winds? Torrential rain? put yer collar up and take a brolly! Anyhow, not wishing to take any chances with random ponds or being swept away Mary Poppins style by a rogue gust, I was stuck at home....bored....full of Virgo style energy, hence I gave my kitchen cupboards a little overdue cleansing.....

Mission Organization

I am small and my kitchen cupboards are tall. I have to use the space on the bottom and middle shelves very wisely as they are the only ones I can reach without my daughter's step stool. Here's what works for me in my three food storage cupboards.

Cupboard 1 - Here are the condiments, herbs, spices, oils etc., all easily accessible from the stove opposite i.e. cooking ingredients. Seasoning for every dish is close at hand. Gotta have balsamic, white & red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil (never in a fridge), veg oil and yep, gravy granules (sorry). The middle shelf has my emergency cans of beans, fruit & princess spaghetti whilst the top houses my shameful collection of BOGO barbecue sauces, matzo and pasta. Wire baskets are perfect for the dinky spice jars - genius invention.

Cupboard 2 - Herein lie all my baking goodies. Flour, matzo meal, baking powder, yeast, sprinkles for every conceivable festive occasion, flavorings, frosting for a cupcake crisis and the odd jar of baby food. I try to house all cereals here like my Dr. Oz endorsed steel cut oatmeal (as yet unopened), honey & syrup. Question: Why don't manufacturers make cereal in more cupboard friendly boxes? In the UK you can buy handbag friendly sizes of Glamour and Elle magazine so why not extend this genius idea to cereal boxes? I don't mind if they're wide but why are they so flamin' tall they won't fit in the cupboard and I have to store them on top of the fridge in full view of visiting folk who may therefore make judgements about me solely based upon my taste in breakfast goods? Virgo no like that! Its enough to make you decant them into plastic containers and if that's the case I may as well buy generic, which with cereal I never do. Are you listening Lucky Charms? ... Oops, I mean Organic Kashi.

Cupboard 3 - Ah, the comfort cupboard. The snicky snacks. The Tetley extra strong teabags and Maltesers hot chocolate smuggled back from England. The goldfish, the baby bottles that *sniff* I'm saying goodbye to as my 11 month old now uses a cup *sob*. Oh and the digestive biscuits, all manner of hot cocoa flavors & mini marshmallows. Yes I know this is Florida but now and again you need to crank that air conditioning and put on Home Alone whilst you hunker. Again the top shelf has been designated to the BOGO's. Salad dressings! Ugh. What possessed me? I think its was the BOGO and coupon combo that sent me over the edge. I mean, one free then a dollar off? How could you not?!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable colonic. Not at all like the first and last one I had in Harley Street in 2001. TMI?!

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