Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salmon Cutlets

Growing up in my household, these would be called 'salmon cutlets'; in a more traditional English house I'm sure 'fishcakes' would be a more suitable moniker. Call them what you will; they're delicious. Packed full of Omega 3 and anti-aging magic. I know that because Oprah and Dr. Oz said so.

My Aunt Arline has given me two treasured pieces of advice since I married into the Rubin clan. First, she said, "only clean up after the children once a day - they'll only mess it all up again" and second, "get the canned salmon from Costco, its the best". Words of wisdom indeed. I'm working on the cleaning thing - once a day? seems excessive! but with the salmon she's spot on. Obviously if you have the time, budget and inclination then fresh poached & flaked salmon would be wonderful but as a storecupboard staple, you could do alot worse than keep a stock of these cans handy. They're pure salmon, no skin, no bone, nothing to pick over. There aren't many brands of canned fish you can say that about. Given a choice of these salmon cakes or crab cakes, I'm going with the salmon.
This is a very simple recipe, and yes, its a high salmon to potato ratio but there's nothing worse than a chintzy fishcake. Its a salmon cake after all, not a potato cake!

Recipe Ingredients

3 x cans of Costco salmon

1 cup of mashed potato (leftovers!)

2 tbs of dill relish

salt & pepper

matzomeal or breadcrumbs (homemade breadcrumbs or Panko - not yellow grit)

Recipe Directions

  • Open the cans and drain the salmon really well; place into a mixing bowl.

  • Add the cup of mashed potato and the dill relish (well drained & squeezed thru kitchen paper).

  • Add salt & pepper to taste.

  • Empty some matzomeal onto a board or a plate and form the cakes with your hands or in a ring mould. Coat in the matzomeal.

  • Heat some vegetable oil & a little butter in a pan and shallow fry for around 5 minutes each side on a low/medium heat until brown & crispy.

Trust me tip: This is a wet mixture - you can make the cakes and chill them for around 30 minutes prior to frying to dry them out which can make frying easier. Don't flip them around in the pan either, have a little patience and only turn them after 5 minutes or so on a low to medium heat.

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