Monday, August 11, 2008

Excess Baggage

As all my loyal subscribers know (right Dad?) I have just returned from London several pounds heavier than when I left. Nothing to do with all the curry, chinese food, fish & chips and biscuits you understand, but all the new cookbooks. Like Carrie Bradshaw at a Manolo sample sale was I at the Borders closing down event at Lakeside. They were offloading absolute treasures at half the half price. Yep, you heard it... Even the BRAND NEW releases were half price and those on sale were an extra 50% off. Oh joy... Rapture..... I was in cookbookcafe heaven.

With Dr. Dave, the girls & Dad safely deposited in the Starbucks above I loaded the stroller with a very careful selection trying to bear in mind the new baggage allowances. Now there's something you have to know about my Dad. If you show an interest in something - if you hint that there's something you may one day like to own - chances are he'll get it for you (so choose your words carefully). You tell him you like his shirt - he'll give it to you (most likely unlaundered but you get my point). Of course he's watching me carefully picking over the books and listening to me umm... ahhh... then putting them back. Fast as I'm putting them back he's picking them up and hot footing it to the checkout. Ergo cookbookcafe's shelves are fit to bust and we had to bring an extra bag home. Thankfully I packed light on the way out.

If all this weren't enough in the spoiling department, Dr. Dave spent two hours tonight re-organizing the cream of my collection. If that's not true love (or perhaps OCD) I don't know what is.

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