Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chili's, Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens

If you're looking for cheap n cheerful on a Saturday evening or any night for that matter, you could do alot worse than Chili's. It's become quite a regular standby for us which has as much to do with the food as the 2 for 1 drinks!

Its consistent, reasonably priced, children can make noise without you worrying too much about disturbing date night diners and they have a kids menu that isn't an insult to them OR you.

Dr. Dave went with the habanero boneless wings $8.29 which he described as 'way too spicy' but that's just him, if you were scarfing them down with a frozen margarita or six they'd probably be just fine. Also he doesn't do ranch dressing which would've cooled things off so he only has himself to blame. I had a couple too and although he was right, there was a little burning tongue action - they weren't killer. I had the buffalo chicken salad $8.49 ; a crispy mix of leaves, tortilla strips, boneless buffalo chicken and blue cheese. Not exactly on the healthful side of the salad scale but extremely satisfying. Mia had pizza & corn, Ceci had mac & cheese & broccoli trees. Kids meals are $3.99 a piece including a drink - can't go wrong for that!

Friendly staff, decent food; this place does everything it says on the label. We'll be back...

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