Saturday, June 7, 2008

Masa's Sagami, Abacoa, FL

Masa's Sagami Japanese Steakhouse is one of the cornerstones of Abacoa town center. Its been in place for several years now and successfully so but regrettably, those years are beginning to show. The floor was gummy and dirty, there were holes and digs in the walls, the paintwork was greasy, you get the picture. We arrived just after opening time so, in theory, the interior should've looked pretty fresh being the first Hibachi of the night. The joint needs work! We're not talking about a facelift of Wildenstein proportions but a little filler & botox would be well placed here along with an industrial dermabrasion of the floor.

To the food. En famille once again, Dr. Dave went with the filet & shrimp, me the chicken and our 3 year old Hibachi enthusiast, the chicken. The soup here is good and the salad is fresh. That counts and was appreciated. The Hibachi chef arrived and some restrained, jaded schtick ensued. The chef was OK. I really want to say he was hilarious, skilled and enthralled us all but that would be stretching it. He was competent, and the food was nicely seasoned, plentiful and he had a generous hand with everything he prepared he just wasn't slick.

Masa himself works the room and says 'hi' to all his diners and that too means alot in a local establishment like this. I'm sure his personality alone keeps punters returning and choosing him over the competition but for me, that's not enough. This place needs something if its going to compete with all the new local Japanese dining opportunities such as the spotless Ra Sushi at Legacy Place and the plush Saito's Japanese Steakhouse at PGA Commons and as I live on its doorstep, I really hope it gets it.

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