Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to the Cookbook Cafe!

This is my place to share, experiment and create recipes, review cookbooks, restaurants, rant, rave and generally vent my culinary spleen.

Why the Cookbook Cafe?

I have a vast and growing collection of tasty tomes, ranging from 'Mrs. A.B. Marshall's Cookery Book' published in 1887; 'Ox palates a la Napolitaine' anyone? through to Heston Blumenthal's ambitious 'Search for Perfection'. I have barely scratched the surface of these treasures and am excited to delve deeper into the pages and share the experiences with anyone who cares to tag along.

I won't be blogging from a place of culinary expertise as I am not a trained chef, but from a place of passion and practicality. I promise only to preach what I practice!

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