Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brewzzi, City Place

Today I broke one of my cardinal rules. I ordered something other than a burger at what is, essentially, a burger & beer place. Brewzzi in City Place is a long established microbrewery and 'American restaurant' with a great reputation for such fare yet clever clogs here ordered the 'healthy chicken platter'. The dish was described as 'grilled chicken breast, brown rice pilaf and steamed vegetables'. It sounded quite saintly and how wrong could I go with such a simple choice? Firstly, the chicken arrived ugly side up and looking quite sorry for its over cooked little self. This is SO basic, to trim any extraneous sinewy, dangly parts of a boneless, skinless breast is the work of seconds and to present it with no care or attention is downright sloppy. The vegetables were nicely undercooked but somewhat gritty which suggests to me they were either washed poorly or not at all. To complete the trifector, the 'brown rice pilaf' had more than a whiff of a Lipton side about it to me. It was all lukewarm and there were several greasy fingerprints on the plate too which is another culinary schoolboy error.

Dr. Dave wisely ordered a barbecue burger and there were no complaints from him. I thought it was OK. Again, just the right side of warm and the fries were nothing to write home about either. Average in every way apart from the service which was delightful.

This wasn't my first visit to Brewzzi's and it probably won't be my last. I've heard wonderful things about some of the menu items here, sadly for me, I didn't order them so I can say that I'll return but next time I'll opt for a beer & a burger in that order!

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David said...

This is God's way of making you order the Burger!